10 Sep 2020


2018-2020 – Straddling the equator, in South America, the innovative technique of “fertigation” has landed thanks to the partnership between the Italian Sireg Hydros and the Ecuadorian company specializing in irrigation products ISII NITZA. A tandem of companies that has paved the way for an intelligent agriculture able to distribute in a synergistic and targeted manner fertilizers together with irrigation water, thus improving the absorption of nutrients by plants and making more efficient use of water.

The made in Italy plant installed in Ecuador has a total capacity of 500 cubic meters of water and, together with the Sireg Hydros plants for ultrafiltration supplied in recent years, represents a new frontier for eco-sustainable agriculture that is becoming increasingly widespread in the world, especially in areas with greater water difficulties.

Always sensitive to the issues of environmental sustainability, Sireg Hydros is a UN accredited supplier in the field of economic and social development projects and partner of important international cooperation projects.

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Projects & References

2019 - Brackish Water Desalinator cap. 240 tons/day for Tourist Resort


2014 - Ultrafiltration + R.O. plants for landfill leachate treatment


2016 - Reactivation and upgrading Water Desalination Plant

Deir Al Balah, Gaza