Sireg Hydros typically adopts water treatment technologies based on the use of special semi-permeable membranes without the addition of polluting chemicals. In the field of industrial wastewater treatment, in particular, research aims to provide increasingly advanced solutions to return water to the environment without risk to human health or the ecosystem. Not only does it regenerate water that would otherwise not be usable in nature, but it also helps to avoid waste during production processes: water treated with Sireg Hydros wastewater treatment plants can in fact be completely reused in the various production stages, without being disposed of, satisfying environmental regulations and offering large margins of savings with respect to the consumption of the water itself.

Projects & References

2015 - Double Pass R.O. Desalinator for boiler feed in textile


2015 - R.O. Plants + electrodeionization for ultrapure water production for power station


2017 - Desalination Plant for Oil & Gas Compound and Ships supplying drinkable water cap. 500 T/D