03 Apr 2020

Employed in a wide range of applications, process water plays a strategic role in many industrial sectors, from thermal power plants to the pharmaceutical industry, from the steel industry to electronics.

“Process water” is defined by Art. 74 – Italian Leg. Decree 152/06 as water which quality is changed by its use in industrial processes. Depending on the process, however, the quality of the water may vary significantly.

For this reason, in order to use water of the required quality, it is essential to measure and keep monitored all the chemical, physical, microbiological and organoleptic parameters that affect the operation of a plant and the quality standards of the final product.

Sireg Hydros provides assistance in the design and manufacturing of plants for the treatment of incoming water and water used in production cycles to customers globally. It all starts from the preliminary analysis of the water to be treated, essential to realize the most suitable system for the production of water with the required qualities.

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Proyectos y Referencias

2016 - Ultrafiltration Plant for sewage liquid treatment in textile industry


2021 - Sea Water Treatment no. 2 Plant cap. 200 tons/day each for potable use


2020 - Design & manufacture of no. 7 dosing systems