07 Feb 2017

Sireg Hydros manufactures tailor-made water treatment plants.

The specific needs of each customer are subject to a feasibility study to allow the preliminary economic and technical evaluations. The technical assistance guaranteed to customers during installation and startup, the training of the staff on site and the subsequent plant management are all qualifying and recognized elements of Sireg work.

Design, manufacture and assistance for water treatment

  • Analysis of the specific requests, to define the characteristics of both the water to be treated and to be produced;
  • Preliminary study of the project, from the former water analysis to the first feasibility study of the plant;
  • Custom design, to provide customers with the best tailor-made solutions;
  • Realizationof the plantwiththe latest technology, the result of decades ofresearchin the fieldof”water treatment”;
  • Installationof the plantat the customer,whois instructedabouttheoperation and managementof the same;
  • After-sales serviceonall types of plant, eitherexistingor newlyinstalled(remote control, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, osmotic membranes regeneration, etc.).


Projets et Références

2015 - Double Pass R.O. Desalinator for boiler feed in textile


2020 - Brackish Water Desalinator cap. 120 tons/day for industrial use


2016 - R.O. plant cap. 250 tons/day for Water Pools