01 Feb 2017

Water is a key element in many activities and its quality is dependent on the combination of water technologies used to effectively remove contaminants to levels required for critical applications.

It is vital to use the correct water grade or quality to match the required procedures or appliances (pharmaceutical, cosmetic and photographic industry).

Ultrapure water, in particular, is mainly used in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry and contains by definition only H20, and H+ and OH- ions in equilibrium, with a maximum conductivity value of 0,1 uS/cm.

Ultrapure water is then a microbiologically pure water that doesn’t contain any substance which may interfere with a laboratory procedure, influencing the results. It differs from ordinary distilled water being used in many analyses without further purification and containing instead dissolved gases and other organic substances (water distilled volatile substances and non-volatile substances entrained by the steam during distillation).


Projets et Références

2016 - Sea Water Desalinator - HYDROS® SWP 500 T/D


2010 - Brackish Water Desalinator cap. 500 tons/day for Residential Compound


2020 - RO Water Desalinator cap. 120 tons/day for industrial use